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Preparation for potential CUPE strike action…

Hello Families,

As you may be aware, contract negotiations between the Canadian Union of Public Employees – Ontario (CUPE) and the Ontario government have yet to produce an agreement.

While we encourage both sides to come to a fair agreement, we do understand that the breakdown in talks could lead to a strike by CUPE as early as Friday, November 4, despite the potential today for imposed legislation.

As a result, the school board is currently planning for a switch to remote learning for our students, should that become necessary.

We are currently identifying students who do not have home access to the necessary technology and would therefore require a device provided by the school.

Please complete this quick survey ( to help us prepare for distribution of devices to families who require this assistance.

Please complete this form by as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to ensure our students have the resources they need to continue learning during this uncertain time. The primary hope is that a fair and equitable settlement can be reached, and any form of strike can be avoided.

St. Anne School Staff

When not feeling well…

Hello Families,

As we walk into cold and flu season, staff and students remain concerned about getting sick and even the possibility of still contracting COVID.

We must continue to work together to keep everyone safe. We continue to ask that the daily screener be used to determine if children should be attending school.

The screener will guide you but essentially, if a child does not feel well, it is best to rest at home until symptom free for 24 hrs.

If we attend school or work and we are not well, we risk passing it on to others and we do have some students who are immune compromised. Getting sick for them could have more significant consequences.

We appreciate everyone working together to keep our community healthy.

Be well,

St. Anne School Staff


Doyle Haunt…..

Hello Families,

Doyle Haunt is this Friday night from 7-9pm. All staff, students and their families are welcome! The QR code is a link for guests to use the Doyle School Cash Online to purchase tickets. Guests will also be admitted if they simply bring a canned good or non-perishable food item! Doyle asks please don’t come in costume in order to easily distinguish between our Haunted House actors and our guests. See link below for details.


Occupational Therapists in WCDSB Schools…

Hello Families,

During this school year, an Occupational Therapist (OT) from KidsAbility Centre for Child Development will be working with students and teachers in our school, and all WCDSB schools, as part of a new model of support. They have scheduled days and rotate to different schools in the region.

OTs are health professionals who focus on activities of daily living: at school, they look at how students are managing with taking part in classroom activities. OTs work with the school team to support students by promoting functional skills such as printing, cutting with scissors, play skills, self-help, self-regulation, and participation in gym.

An OT will be in our school on a regular basis to support teachers in our classrooms, gym and playground. All classrooms will have access to this support. The OT may visit your child’s classroom to support teaching activities like a daily fitness routine or functional classroom skills. The OT may also suggest universal (general) strategies to the classroom teachers that can be used by all students. Examples of these strategies may include ideas to improve pencil grasp and cutting skills and using various lined paper to improve written work. The OT may also offer suggestions regarding proper positioning at the desk, focus in the classroom, and movement breaks.

Some students may benefit from individualized support from the OT. This may include working with the OT one-on-one or in a group at school or working on activities at home. If your child would benefit from this individual support, your teacher will contact you to provide more information. Alternatively, you may also contact the teacher at any time if you feel your child might benefit from having the OT work with them.

In some instances, the OT may suggest the support from a school-based Physiotherapist (PT), if gross motor skills are a concern at school. The PT may also be in your child’s class to support classroom needs.

If you have any questions about this model of service, please feel free to follow up with your child’s teacher.

Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff


St. Anne Reminders….

Hello Families,

Just a friendly reminder that Monday, October 24th is a P.A. Day and there is no school. We do not often have a P.A. Day on a Monday so please do not forget.

Also……..October 26 is Photo Day!!

No money will be collected on photo day.

You will be given an opportunity to view photos before making a purchase.


Bus Driver Appreciation Day…

Hello Families,

Today is Bus Driver Appreciation Day!!

At our school we strive for excellence and manners matter. Phoenix Nation – we are asking for a little kindness, a little compassion, and a little understanding.

Our bus drivers are working very hard and we need them! Some of them are your neighbours. They are on buses with up to 72 children – who do not always make positive choices.  They are covering extra routes and shifts for drivers who may be sick or unable to attend work.

They bus company is struggling to find workers willing to do the task, for the salary and hours that are offered.  The bus drivers that we have are, for the most part, doing an excellent job.  We need to thank them for showing up – even if it is a little late from time to time.  We need to thank them for getting 250 of our kids home safely each day.  We need to show a little compassion and empathy to them each and every day. They are all doing their best. We are all doing our best.

What can you do?

Simple – when getting off the bus at school, turn to them, look them in the eye and say “thanks for coming to work today.”  Help us remind your children on the bus to simply sit quietly, chat with their friends and be respectful.  When getting off the bus at your stop, you can once again say “thank you” with a smile on your face.  A smile and some manners can go a long way!

Let’s show our appreciate Phoenix Nation and be the best bus route in the region.

Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff

Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting…

Hello Families,

On behalf of our Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC), welcome back to another exciting year at St. Anne School! Our first official meeting this year will be Tuesday, November 1st, @ 6:00 in the library.

CSAC’s goal is to help parents keep informed on educational matters in an open forum. CSAC is also involved with a variety of fundraising initiatives. All money raised goes back to our school to support our students and student learning.

CSAC meetings are open to all parents with children attending our school. All parents and teachers are invited to attend, however only CSAC members are eligible to vote on Council matters.

The members of CSAC include the Principal, Vice-Principal a teacher representative, and parent representatives. Elected positions from the parent representatives include the Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. Other positions available include the Fundraising Chair and Special Lunch Chair. If you would like to take on one of the elected roles, we welcome your commitment. You will be required to attend our meetings and report on your responsibilities as necessary.

If you would like to attend our CSAC meeting, please R.S.V.P. to Mr. Noonan by October 28th ( If you would like to be nominated for a CSAC executive role, please email Mr. Noonan ( by October 28th, indicating what position you would like to be considered for (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). We are looking forward to a very exciting year.


St. Anne CSAC

Candy grams for sale…

Hello Families,

Our Student Parliament is selling candy grams for Halloween until Friday. They are 50 cents each. Student Parliament has a table set up by the gym at lunch to purchase. Deliveries will be made on the 31st.

Happy Halloween…..

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