Hello Families,

Busses are operating with the typical schedule. Questions about busses can be directed to Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR).

Exercise, fresh air and being outside have shown to be safe and beneficial during the pandemic. We hope that you will consider walking, biking, scooting or skating to school this year.

Our parking lot and surrounding streets cannot accommodate additional vehicles for families choosing not to use the busses and for students who are walkers, but who are still driven to school.

To help keep our parking lot safe and everyone appropriately distanced, we are asking you to consider dropping your kids off a block or two from the school where they can safely travel the remainder of the way. Take some time over the next week to plan your route. Get out and practice the new routine with your kids.  

With increased screen time, we must find ways to get active and stay safe. Walking, biking, scooting and skating to school are healthy and active options. In all kinds of weather, walking is an active and safe way to get to and from school.


There are environmental benefits with less cars out….

There are social benefits when walking safely in groups with family and friends….

There are safety benefits with less traffic in our busy parking lot and local streets…..

Exercise has mental health benefits above and beyond the physical benefits……

The health benefits, they are simply undeniable……

Staying healthy is once of the best ways to keep safe from any virus or illness. Active travel to and from school is an easy way to work in some exercise each day.  

Please consider walking, biking, scooting or skating to school by planning out your route now, and by practicing with your kids so they know how to stay safe.

Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff