Hello Families,

While we know that online learning brings challenges, this is school right now.

Work counts. Attendance matters.

Attendance Late Chart

So, we remind you please to create a good daily routine that includes logging on, on time. If your child is absent for the day, you still need to call in to the school and leave us a message.

As you are aware, consistency of learning is a vital part of a child’s continuous learning progress.  It will be difficult for your child to progress to the best of their ability if they are constantly trying to catch up on missed schoolwork.

The Education Act of Ontario – Sections 21 to 30 clearly indicates that every child of compulsory school age must attend school regularly.  Right now, that means online.


  • Students who are continually late miss an important part of the day. First thing in the morning, teachers go over the timetable for the day, often take up homework and frequently give out and collect paperwork.  Coming in 15 or 20 minutes late creates disruption for the rest of the class and interrupts the lesson which has already begun.
  • The student starts the day behind and often stays behind for the rest of the day. In addition, knowing that he/she is going to be late, rushing and often not eating properly make for a bad start to the day for all concerned.  The student arrives stressed and embarrassed to come in after everyone else.
  • Obviously, there are valid reasons for being late such as medical/dental appointments but sleeping in because the alarm didn’t go off is not a good reason.
  • Coming to school on time is an important habit to develop and will ensure success at school and at work in the future.
  • Many high-school and post-secondary courses are, or will be online. Developing positive online work habits now will only benefit your child later in life.
  • Many jobs and careers are computer based with lots of time working online. Again, developing positive online work habits now will only benefit your child later in life
  • Something to think about: If a child is late 5 minutes every school day, he/she will miss a total of 650 minutes of instruction. This has a significant effect on academic success and success in life.

We know that you share the same concerns about your children’s academic outlook so we thank your for your support.


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