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Ball play at school……

Hello families,

Ball play at recess is getting a little out of control. Please note, and review the following with your child(ren)….

Game players:

  • We do not want to eliminate ball play – but we will if we do not see an improvement
  • Our recess goals are to exercise and have fun. Some game play is getting serious or aggressive and this is not necessary for school. Relax and have fun. You are not professional athletes – this is not the FIFA World Cup. Relax and have fun.
  • Pay attention and recognize that we have younger kids on our yard. When you are aggressive and can’t control the ball, someone is going to get hurt. We are a community and we look out for one another.
  • Balls are not to be bounced around the school – halls – bus line etc. – when you have brought your own equipment. Use the ball in the right play zone and then hold on to it the rest of the time or it may be taken away by an adult.
  • Balls must be secured in a bag or held tightly while on the school bus or it can become a hazard
  • Put your name on any personal equipment you bring to school. We are not responsible for lost stolen, or broken equipment you bring from home. You bring it at your own risk. We do have school equipment available for all grades.
  • When the bell goes – game over and get to your line right away.

Non-game players:

  • Non-game players are walking through games or around games where an unintended contact can happen and cause an injury – so please stay out of the way.
  • If you are not playing a ball game – stay away from the game zones. If you are not playing but enter a game zone, you are putting yourself in harm’s way. Make a safe choice and play in another area.

Teachers and Parents:

  • Our kids need coaching and mentoring!
  • When you see something that should not be happening:
    • Approach
    • Observe
    • Sop the game
    • Call the group over
    • Have a conversation about what needs to change and why
    • Resume the activity
    • Observe
  • If you do not see a change in behavior, this is when equipment is removed, games are stopped, classroom teachers are updated, green slips issued, etc.

If we all work together we can have a fun, active, safe school yard for everyone!

Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff