Our schools Eco Team is announcing WASTE-LESS lunches every Wednesday

Food preparation will always involve some waste, but with reusable containers and planning, we can waste-less when packing lunches each day.

Tips for Waste-Less Lunches
·          Involve children in the waste-less lunch goal
·          Plan lunches with kids
·         Have lunch containers that are reusable & pack food and drinks in reusable containers
·         Use reusable cutlery
·         Buy bulk instead of single servings. Buy a large yogurt and put smaller portion in reusable container.
·          Make lunch fun and creative. Try making a Bento Box or a Snack-able lunch
·         Cut up fruit and veggies into small bite size pieces
·         Avoid the morning rush pack lunches the night before and keep in refrigerator
·         Give children responsibility. Children can learn food preparation by helping to make lunches and help clean reusable containers.

This week and all Wednesdays onward – let’s make less waste at lunch.

 Think Green ~ Be Keen


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