Hello Families,

Our parkin lot continues to be a safety concern. Two vehicles have been hit just this week and no report made at the office. Our procedures are communicated monthly in our Newsletter. They are sent out monthly as a reminder, and as an update for new families who join our community throughout the year.

Please note that if you are not a bus student, you are a walker. We continue to have a large number of students being driven to school who should be walking. Walking/biking/scooting, etc. is a great way to get a little burst of exercise, some fresh air, and a chance to socialize with friends. When we all walk together – we are all safe. With more families walking/biking/scooting, etc. that means more of a presence in our community and keeps us all safe.

The following procedures apply to everyone and it is our expectation they will be followed.

There is no parking in our lot for student drop off or pick up (9:00-9:20 & 3:40-4:00. Arriving early and idling your car in the lot, using up spaces for staff and guests is taking advantage of our procedures. If need be, we will call the city to have tickets issued or close the lot. Several times already this year, staff have had to find alternative parking and then move their vehicles later in the day.

  • If you park on the street, you do so at your own risk. The city has been out to issue tickets from time to time.
  • Parking is available for parents at all other times, if you have a scheduled appointment at the school throughout the day.
  • There is no parking in our bus zone out front at any time at any time. You may be ticketed.
  • There is no parking out front of the Allison Neighbourhood Community Centre during school hours. This space is reserved for staff, and service vehicles
  • Speed must be reduced when pulling into and out of our lot
  • There is no parking in our designated handicapped spots as per city bylaw unless you have a pass posted in your vehicle. It is shocking that these spaces would be used by those who do not need the support.

“Kiss n Drop”

  • There is no parking in our “Kiss n Drop” at any time!
  • Vehicles must reduce speed even when pulling away
  • If you have a young one, you may get out to open the door for your child, but please do so quickly so as not to hold up others waiting behind you. Don’t store backpacks in the trunk as it takes extra time to get them out. Have the kids hold them on their lap.
  • You may not park in the “Kiss n Drop” and then walk your child to the yard or door
  • Students can safely walk onto the school yard once they exit your vehicle on the sidewalk
  • Vehicles should not pull around other vehicles dropping off at the “Kiss n Drop” but wait until that car pulls out

We encourage healthy active routes to school. Dress accordingly and walk to school, in groups if

possible. Ride your bike and lock it up at one of our many racks out front.

If you have questions, call the office and book an appointment to meet with Mr. Noonan. We would be

more than happy to meet and review our procedures with you.

These procedures are in place for the safety of all children. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff