Hello Families,

Halloween is fast approaching. We have some changes this year we need to share. We typically host our main fundraiser as a Halloween dance-a-thon. Our school advisory council voted this year to move the fundraiser to a Valentine themed dance-a-thon in February. More details to come.

Our school will be participating in some fun Halloween activities on Thursday, October 31st. Each grade or division will be planning their own activities so your child’s classroom teacher will share details. Please note:

  • Students are encouraged to wear no violent themed costumes
  • Please avoid overly scary costumes
  • Weapons or small accessories should stay at home
  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged costumes
  • Teachers decide when their class will wear or model costumes
  • Orange and black is a good idea for older students
  • Teachers will go over trick or treat safety rules, but parents are also encouraged to do so at home
  • Treats should not be home baked, but store bought and labelled as peanut free

We wish everyone a fun, safe, happy Halloween.

Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff