Hello Families,

With Halloween just a week away we would like to share the following:

Halloween celebrations will be teacher organized in each classroom cohort.

  • Students are encouraged to wear non-violent themed costumes. Please avoid overly scary costumes.
  • Weapons or small accessories should stay at home
  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged costumes
  • Teachers decide when their class will wear or model costumes
  • Orange and black is a good idea for older students
  • Teachers will go over trick or treat safety rules, but parents are also encouraged to do so at home this week.
  • Treats: Please do not send treats this year. The school is providing one small bag of treats that have been safely packaged.
  • Health and safety masks will still need to be worn. If there is a mask with your child’s costume, it can be worn for photos etc., with teacher permission

We thank you so much for all the support this year.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.


St. Anne School Staff

Plaid Phoenix 7