Hello families,

Even though schools are closed due to the labour action – we are open for Kindergarten registration with scheduled appointments on February 4th……


[Junior Kindergarten (Year 1) Registration] AND


[Kindergarten (Year 2) Registration for children who have not attended Year 1]

Registration for September 2020 will be held:

At:  St. Anne Catholic Elementary School

on Tuesday, February 4th. from

10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Call for an appointment time

The mother, father or legal guardian of the child being registered for Kindergarten Year 1 or Year 2 is asked to visit our website at wcdsb.ca to register their child(ren) for Kindergarten.  You will start by completing our online registration and you will follow up with a visit to the school to complete the registration process.  If you do not have internet access, we invite you to be present at the above noted place and time. When you visit the school, the following will be required: a birth certificate or other legal proof of your child’s age and a Catholic Baptismal Certificate of either parent or child.  The child who is being registered is welcome to visit the school at the time of registration. If you are a non-Catholic, but wish to explore a Catholic education for your child(ren), please review the WCDSB Admissions to Catholic Elementary Schools policy; https://www.wcdsb.ca/about-us/policies-and-administrative-procedures/admissions-to-elementary-school-apa001/.

Parents are encouraged to arrange a visit to a family physician for a hearing and vision screening prior to the child’s entry to school.

Children with special needs (e.g., speech and language, vision, hearing, intellectual) should register in the school in their home area.

The Immunization of School Pupils Act, 1982 states that the Region of Waterloo Public Health must have a record of your child’s immunization in order to attend school in Ontario. School Immunization reporting will now occur online at regionofwaterloo.ca.  If you choose not to list immunizations for your child, you must contact the Region of Waterloo Public Health at 519-575-4400 x. 5003 for exemption information.