Hello Families,

Today there have been numerous questions and social media posts about needles found on our school yard.

We thank you for your patience as we took the time to investigate the matter and clarify the information before sending this NewsWire.

Please note the following…..

As per our safety procedures:

*School staff located and removed the needles well in advance of students arriving at school

*Public health was notified

*The City of Cambridge was notified

*Cambridge Police were notified

The issue of discarded needles is ongoing, and it affects our entire community, not just our school.

As a proactive measure our school and the board spent $15 000 to clean out the forest at the back of our property. This has proven successful as there has been almost no after-hours activity on our property this year.

In the spring we worked with police services to conduct a safety audit of our property. We are working on opening more sightlines by trimming additional trees in alternate areas and plans are being looked at for some additional fencing to deter the after-hours activity on our property.

We are all concerned about student safety and doing everything we can within our ability. The procedures we have in place have been effective.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please fee free to contact:

  1. Public Health about their Free Needle Program (519) 883-2267

  2. The City of Cambridge about their Safe Needle Disposal Program (519) 623-1340

  3. Cambridge Police – Non-Emergency line (519) 570-9777

Please review the information in the attachment with your family.


Thank you,

St. Anne School Staff