Hello Families,

Please know at that all the staff of St. Anne school miss you and the kids so very much. The joy of teaching comes each day from all the stories, games, and funny moments we share in our classrooms. While we are proud of the hard work everyone has put into remote learning, it can never replace being together at school. We hope so much that we will be back together in September.

The school will be open to pick up personal items on Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th. Please review all the important details below.

Please complete the following self-assessment, as per public health policy, before visiting the school


Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-assessment

Take this self-assessment if you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19) or have been in close contact with someone who has it.


Please only send 1 family member to enter the school and drop off or collect items. Public health will only permit us to have 7 additional people, other than staff, to enter the school at any given time. Children should not be getting out of your car or entering the school.

Park in the regular lot and line up on the black top at the back of the school.

Wait for direction from staff to enter at the back of the gym. Hand sanitizer will be available. Masks and gloves are encouraged but to be provided by the individual.

Tables will be set up in the gym for the following:

Drop off tables will include:

  • Chromebooks for grade 8’s only (If not in grade 8 you may keep the chromebook for the summer – but you can return it if you are not using it)
  • Textbooks to be returned
  • Library books to be returned
  • Other items (sports team uniform) to be returned

Pick-up tables will include:

  • Welcome to Kindergarten swag bags….
  • Grade 8 swag bag gift from the school (Do not open until grad night)
  • Grade 8 grad photos to pick up
  • SK grad photos to pick up
  • Sibling photos to pick up
  • Report cards – all grades to pick up
  • Medication (Staff will retrieve for you upon request)
  • Yearbooks (If you ordered one), dependent on if they are delivered on time.

You will then have time to quickly head to your child’s classroom, collect personal items from the top of the desk or coat rack. Staff will assist you.

Please exit through the doors at the end of the hall by the gym only. Public health requires the minimal use of entry and exit points.

We advise bringing a bag to place items in. A limited number of bags will be available. Please provide your own mask and glove if you feel you need them.

Your school access time is listed below in Alpha order…….

Thursday, June 18thFamilies by last name, beginning with the letter……..

A – 9:00

B – 9:30

C – 10:00

D – 10:30

E – 11:00

F – 11:30

G – 12:00

H – 12:30

I – 1:00

J – 1:30

K – 2:00

L – 2:30

M – 3:00

N – 3:30

O – 4:00

Friday, June 19th – Families by last name, beginning with the letter……..

P – 9:00

Q – 9:30

R – 10:00

S – 10:30

T – 11:00

U – 11:30

V – 12:00

W, X, Y, Z – 12:30

1:00 – 3:00

Overflow if you could not make your original time.

All items will be saved for the fall if you can not make these days.

We thank you for your support and co-operation as we do our best to keep everyone safe with the protocols we have been provided.

Be well everyone………

St. Anne School Staff